NDC London #WPDev Quiz Answers

Yesterday we shared the questions from the quiz we ran at NDC London.
Go and have a look at the questions now if you want to try them yourself. (Don’t scroll down yet and spoil it by seeing the answers.)

Here, as promised are the answers, and the winners.

First, our winners.

Liam won the first prize of a £50 Windows Store gift card.

Arpad (& friend – sorry I didn’t get your name) were our runners up and each won gift cards worth £15.


1. How many updates to Windows Phone 8 have there been?

A: 3 – MSDN Ref

2. How many accent colors are included as standard on Windows Phone 8?

A: 20 – MSDN Ref

3. How many different emulator images are currently available?

A: 12 –

4. What is the recommended control to use instead of ListBox?

A: LongListSelector – MSDN Ref

5. In which namespace are the Launchers and Choosers?

A: Microsoft.Phone.Tasks – MSDN Ref

6. What is the name of Nokia’s developer rewards program?

A: DVLUP – http://www.dvlup.com/

7. What is the internal scale factor used by the OS for 1080p devices?

A: 2.25 – MSDN Ref

8. “Metallic Elect Type” is an anagram of which Windows Phone 8 item?

A: CycleTileTemplate – MSDN Ref


How did you do? – Let us know in the comments.

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