NDC London #WPDev Quiz Questions

Today at NDC London, as part of the community area, we ran a Windows Phone related quiz.

To allow everyone (you) to take part, virtually, and just for fun (sorry no prizes) here are the questions:

  1. How many updates to Windows Phone 8 have there been?
  2. How many accent colors are included as standard on Windows Phone 8?
  3. How many different emulator images are currently available?
  4. What is the recommended control to use instead of ListBox?
  5. In which namespace are the Launchers and Choosers?
  6. What is the name of Nokia’s developer rewards program?
  7. What is the internal scale factor used by the OS for 1080p devices?
  8. “Metallic Elect Type” is an anagram of which Windows Phone 8 item?

The answers will be posted shortly so you can check your answers.
Or, if you’re being brave, post your answers in the comments ;)


Wonder how you did? Check the answers.


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