We host meetings in London almost every month and others hold occasional meetings in Manchester and Cardiff or Bristol.
Details of our past meetings are below.

18th May 2020
Customizing Native Controls in Xamarin.Forms with Effects (online event)

4th May 2020
Power Toys with Clint Rutkas (online event)

22nd April 2020
Jesse Liberty on C# 8 (online event)

2nd April 2020
Show and tell – online edition

11th March 2020
Informal get together: coffee & code

4th December 2018
Microsoft Connect(); Viewing Party (with Azure UG)

21st November 2018
Catch up on Windows Developers

11th October 2017
Meet the Windows engineering team

21st March 2017
Windows App Developers and the Future

8th February 2017
Creators Update announcement and Q&A with the Windows Engineering team

It’s nice to be back

18th August 2016
Geek dinner

Great food, company, conversation and laughs!

28th July 2016
Dinner, drinks, and conversation

Interesting conversation was flowing freely around the table. A really good night.

22nd June 2016
File > New > Real World Project and F1 development

Fantastic presentation. Really helpful to pick up new tips.

15th June 2016
Windows 10 & UWP Q&A with Kevin Gallo

Would love to see some more of these events

25th May 2016
Xamarin Evolve – with Dave Evans

Probably one of the best groups. Each meeting is useful for learning new things and getting a different point of view

4th May 2016
Mobile F#un – with Phil Trelford

My mind is pretty blown away right now, very interesting evening with so much to takeaway and think about

6th April 2016
What happened at build?

Really enjoyed the format! Great to hear everyone’s thoughts.

19th March 2016
Submit It – hackathon

Entertaining and inspiring talk

2nd March 2016
Pairing, Reviews & TDD

I think this is a great event necessary for the platform. the atmosphere was good and enabling for for sharing ideas.

27th January 2016
Xamarin 4 – with Mike James

Thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Learnt a lot and looking forward to the next one.

8th December 2015
UWP apps on Iot – with Mike Taulty

Great event! Enjoyed the learning and the interaction with the other participants.

18th November 2015
Windows App Success @ AppsWorld

Lots of fun, excellent talk and great people

14th November 2015
Submit It – hackathon

Good format, very useful.

28th October 2015
ALM/DevOps using Visual Studio Online + How Badoo build their apps

Wealth of knowledge to gain , recommended this to all developers

23rd September 2015
Xamarin Insights

One of the most interesting meetings I’ve been to

26th August 2015
Machine Learning

I like the format where someone knowledgeable us something we didn’t know already

24th June 2015
Porting to Windows 10

Fantastic group. Always learn new things and pick up information

27th May 2015
Post-build event

29th April 2015
BUILD Keynote streaming

18th April 2015
Submit It – hackathon

25th March 2015
What you want to know about Xamarin

25th February 2015
Back to Basic with Visual Studio and lessons learned in App development

21st January 2015
Windows 10 Keynote streaming

17th December 2014
Xamarin Re-Evolved and porting from Windows Phone

26th November 2014
A look at preparing for Windows 10, C# 6.0 and Visual Studio 2015

29th October 2014
Joint event with AppChat

24th September 2014
Matteo Emili: VSO Application Insights [slides]
Richard Conway: Azure Mobile Services

27th August 2014
Universal Experiences
Videos: Matt | Jay | Andy

30th July 2014
Gill Cleeren: Background Tasks in WinRT
Michael Wawra: Twilio

25th June 2014
Michael James: Introducing Xamarin
Ben & Paul (Leda Entertainment): Porting with MonoGame [video]

28th May 2014
Andy Wigley: Windows Phone 8.1 [video]
Martin Wrigley: App Developers Alliance [slides | video]

30th April 2014

Martin Beeby: Build highlights

2nd April 2014
//build/ keynote streaming

26th March 2014
Sebastian Witalec: Telerik Mobile platform
Laith Al-Janabi :

28th February 2014
Mike Taulty: Fun with Windows 8.1

28th November 2013

Meeting at Nokia

30th October 2013


“It was very informative and enjoyable”

4th September 2013 [Sorry, no videos available]
Matt Lacey: Testing and MVVM (@mrlacey)
Nimbletank: ASOS Daily Edit (store link)

“It was really awesome. I now have the knowledge to create a better app.”

23rd July 2013 [Sorry, no videos available]
UICentric: design (
Glynn Jones: Scoopt (

18th July 2013 [Sorry, no videos available]
Gill Cleeren: Windows Phone 8 apps and the outside world: working with data in a WP8 app (@gillcleeren)

19th June 2013 [Sorry, no videos available]
Iris Classon: Advanced features for WP8 (@irisclasson)
David Hamilton: Pepper (

20th May 2013 [Sorry, no videos available]
Pedro Lamas: Nokia Music (@pedrolamas)

“It was great being able to network with intellectual individuals”

23rd April 2013
Ashraf Samy Hegab: slides | video
Jay Bennett: slides | video
James Mundy: slides | video

29th Jan 2013 [Sorry, no videos available]
Matt Lacey (@mrlacey)
Lawrence Gripper (@lawrencegripper)
Chris Sienkiewicz (@Chiser99)

8th Jan 2013
Sandra Sears (@WPParent) video
Richard Castle: Podcast Lounge (@IgneousSoftware) – video

5th Dec 2012 – From WP to Win8
Dave Hamilton (@daveh101) video
Simon Ransom (@simondransom) – video
Jim Chapman (@turnipsoft) – video
Gergely Orosz (@GergelyOrosz) – video
Stuart Lodge (@slodge) – video
Hermit Dave (@hermitdave) – video

13th Nov 2012 – WP8 for Developers
Andy Wigley (@andy_wigley) video
Windows Phone Geek (@winphonegeek ) – video
Riaz Ahmed (@TheRealRiaz) – video

17th Oct 2012 – Highs and Lows of WP Development
James Mundy (@mendzapp) video
Matt Lacey (@mrlacey) – video
Windows Phone Geek (@winphonegeek ) – video
John Cooper (@jaycoo) – video

18th July 2012 – Preparing for WP8
Matt Lacey (@mrlacey) – video
Glenn Edwards (@StarquakeMobile ) – video
Richard Castle (@igneoussoftware) – video

“really appreciate the effort put into the event, great to meet everyone”

19th May 2012

18th April 2012
Lawrence Gripper and Chris Sienkiewicz (@lawrencegripper & @Chiser99) on Square – video
David Hamilton (@daveh101) on Pepper – video
George Banfil (@gbanfill) on MegaTile – video

21st March 2012 – a touch of mono
Paul Marsh (@pauliomvideo
Dominique Louis and Dean Ellis (@savagesoftware & @infspacestudiosvideo
Stuart Lodge (@slodgeslidesvideo
Gergely Orosz (@gergelyorosz) app | video

28th February 2012 – #NotAtMwc12
Colin Eberhardt (@ColinEberhardt) slides and code | video
Richard Castle (@igneoussoftware) app | video
Matt Lacey (@mrlacey) slides | video

31st January 2012
Alan Mendelvich (@ailon) slides

7th December 2011
Stuart (@slodge) slides | demo | video
Patrick (@Thought7Ltd) video
Rich & Ollie (@richgee & @awkwardcoder) FindAPad | video
Boryana (@BMiloshevska) video
Lawrence (@lawrencegripper) BBC News Mobile | video
James (@mendzapp) YuleTile | video
Gergely (@gergelyorosz) video

25th October 2011 – Augmented Reality
Sorry no videos this time, but our speakers were:
Paul Foster (@paulfo)
Pat Long (@MunkiiYebee)
Dan Sewell (@trafandtraveluk)
Matt Lacey (@mrlacey)

21st September 2011 – Background Audio
Richard Castle:
Matt Lacey:
Dave Hawes:
Rob Lyndon:

13th September 2011 – Manchester
Pete Vickers has blogged about this meeting.

7th September 2011 – Cardiff #4
Iestyn Jones talked about Mango features and Mike Hole talked about the Azure Toolkit.

17th August 2011 – Designing better apps
Dave Crawford:
Gergely Orosz:
Lewis and Arlene:
Tolu Bello:
Matt Lacey:

20th July 2011 – One Year On
Sketchflow Template for WP7:
Traffic & Travel UK:

“We had a great time, really informative stuff, we learnt several things both from the talks and from general networking that we’re going to apply to our current and forthcoming projects.”

22nd June 2011 – Demos!
Mark Rendle:
Paul Marsh:
Apurva Amin:
Andrew Fraser:
James Mundy:

“a great opportunity to meet and socialise with other developers.”

2nd June 2011Cardiff
Mike Hole (who organised this meeting) has, once again, written a detailed blog post about this meeting. Find it on his blog.
This meeting was again supported by Sequence who have also written about it on their blog.

“Thanks very much for putting on the event. I found it really useful as well as wonderfully motivating.”

24th May 2011Tech.Days after party
To celebrate 2 full days of Windows Phone 7 content we had a private bar reserved and Microsoft paid for the food and drink! This was an opportunity to meet other developers and designers interested in WP7 and also a chance to talk to the speakers from the days sessions.

“I really enjoyed everyone’s demos; even the games, which is not my domain, provided some interesting info about phone dev.”

20th April 2011Mix11 recap (with Matt Lacey – Filling in for Paul Foster)
The people behind Very Software demoed AppTracker
and Richard Castle showed us the radio streaming app he’s working on.

“met some great people and heard some very interesting info”

23rd March 2011 – with Sam Bourton and Gergely Orosz
Sam’s slides and code
Gergely’s slides
Demo: RunKeeper

“meeting was great – fantastic bunch of wp7 developers, designers and officianados!”

2nd March 2011Cardiff
Mike Hole (who organised this meeting) has written a detailed blog post about this meeting. Find it on his blog.
This meeting was kindly supported by Sequence.

“Great bunch of people. Lots of enthusiasm and the usual witty banter”

9th February 2011Designing for Windows Phone 7 (with Matchbox Mobile)
James Morse (from Matchbox Mobile) talked about Designing for Windows Phone 7.
Johan van Staden shared some of his experiences getting started with creating an application. See also a related post on his blog.
Paul Marsh talked about his keyboard helper behaviors.

27th January 2011
No presentations or demos, we just went to the pub to chat about Windows Phone 7.

“Met lots of cool people, and was well worth the trip up.”

13th December 2010
No presentations or demos, we just went to the pub to chat about Windows Phone 7.

30th November 2010Demos and lessons learned
A number of our members gave demos of and talked about some of the applications they have made (and released into the Marketplace). They also shared some of the lessons learned during their development experience.
Matt Lacey shared some Gotchas when integrating with the Music and Video Hub.
Neil Rees talked about the ITN app.
David Turner talked about the National Rail Train Travel app.
Ian Griggs talked about his Golf Scorecard app.
Stuart Lodge talked about porting his Run Saturday app to WP7.
This meeting was kindly hosted by EMC Consulting.

6th October 2010 – with Cortexica and Red Badger
VISUALFindr (from Cortexica)
XPF (from Red Badger) – video
Demo: Big Give

25th August 2010 – with Matt Lacey and Mike Ormond
Matt’s slides
Mike’s notes
Demo: CycleHubs

“great to hear dev thoughts & experiences & see some interesting apps demo’ed”

28th July 2010 – with Paul Foster and Rob Fonseca-Ensor
Rob’s slides & code
Demos: Skillbook | London tube | ICE | cryoDefense
This meeting was kindly hosted by EMC Consulting.

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