Dec 5th will be all about porting to Windows8

So, you’ve built apps for Windows Phone and now you’re thinking about making a version of those apps for Windows 8 too.

You’ve heard Microsoft talk about the opportunity that’s available to you if you do and heard them say how easy it is and how you can reuse large amounts of your code on both platforms.

But what is it really like?

This meeting is all about real experiences from real developers who have actually done it.

With no Microsoft speakers (although there may be some people from Microsoft there) everyone speaking will have developed for both platforms and will be sharing their first-hand experiences.

  • What was easy? What wasn’t?
  • How much reuse of code were they actually able to achieve?
  • How did they have to change their designs?
  • Did having experience with Windows Phone really make it easier?
  • What took more time/effort than they expected?
  • What do they wish they’d known before they’d started?
  • What did they discover that isn’t documented elsewhere?
  • What will they do differently next time?

If you’re considering porting your app from Windows Phone or are just interested in developing for Windows 8 this will be an invaluable evening packed with information and insights you won’t get anywhere else.

We’re also especially pleased to announce that this evening will be a joint event with the London Windows Store App Developer Group as we know this is a subject which is of interest to both groups.

We’ll be at Modern Jago in Shoreditch again, meeting from 6:30 for a 7:00 start.

Register via eventbrite or

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