Six Steps to Windows Azure

Want to learn more about Azure (or even get started)? Then a new series of events (both in person and on-line) from Microsoft may help.

They start with a couple of in-person events:
Windows Azure in the Real World – 8th November 2012
Advanced Topics in Windows Azure – 9th November 2012

And there are some on-line events to follow:
• Step 2: Architecture and Design (13 November)
Step 3: Integration with Mobile and the New World of Apps (3 December)
• Step 4: Open Source Development (14 January)
• Step 5: HPC (4 February)
• Step 6: Big Data (24 February)

Are you a Windows Phone developer? If so, you could be getting rewards for the apps you build and the success they achieve by joining the DVLUP program.

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  1. Jaylon says:

    Woot, I will ceralinty put this to good use!

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